Man Strips Naked As Costly Smartphone Explodes In His Pocket.

Mr Zhang, a Wuhan resident was strolling down the street on a scorching hot summer afternoon when a horrific incident took place, right inside his pocket. There was a loud explosion from beneath his pants, stunning the man and on-lookers who were amazed at the movie-like scene.

In the chaos, Zhang quickly reached for his waist and stripped himself naked. Then he flung the pants away.

Image: Mr Zhang takes a picture to show his body after recovering from the explosion.

It was total madness for the man right there on the street as series of events kept unfolding.

People expected him to run as quickly as he could, away from the smoking hot object which many thought, could have been a bomb. But they were wrong, it was Zhang’s “smartphone”. 

The man almost pissed on himself out of fright but he had the courage of a lion.

Still in his birthday suit, he closed in on his burning trousers, reached for its pocket and retrieved the burning Samsung phone, smashing the goddamn thing on the ground like a red hot charcoal.


A short time later,  Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter rushed to the scene to see the smoldering remains of Zhang’s smartphone. The phone was labeled with a Samsung logo and inside it was listed as model SM-G9009W.

Image: The burnt smartphone.

The man’s pants reportedly had a few holes burned through them and the whole scene smelled of smoke.

Horrified Zhang told the news reporter that he had purchased the phone back in 2014 from a electronics market downtown for 4,000 yuan. He also said the Samsung phone had occasionally become hot after too much use, but he never thought it could be a risk to his life until the incident occurred.

He admitted that he could have been seriously injured if he hadn’t acted quickly, but there are speculations that at 4,000 yuan, the smartphone may not have been a fake product.

Several online reports have shown how possible it is that a quality and genuine Samsung phone could explode as Daily Mail reported one of such incidents. Researchers are currently looking for answers from the manufacturer.

There are speculations that there could be more to the incident, looking at the picture posted online.


One netizen commented on Weibo: “Dog: ‘Don’t ask me what happened here, I don’t know, I just came because I smelled cooked meat.”