Man Stabs Wife In The Tummy For Overeating, Escapes Prison Time Because He’s Hindu.

A Kansas man has “luckily” escaped jail time after attacking his wife with a knife in an attempt to kill. The judge who decided his sentencing, gave considerations to the defendant’s Hindu culture. 


Image shows Mr Patel Navinkumar.

According to reports, the US motel owner who stabbed his wife thrice in the abdomen, pleaded guilty to attempted murder but was spared prison time, partly because of the family’s Hindu culture.

Navinkumar Patel, 46, reportedly stabbed his wife with a pocketknife in anger as the victim was said to be eating a bowl of cereal.

Mr Patel handed himself over to the police after carrying out the attack, saying it was a deliberate act made necessary by the fact that his wife was “too fat”.

During the court trial in Lawrence, Kansas, the judge was told by a doctor that Mr Patel suffers from bipolar disorder. The defendant’s condition was worsened by alcohol addiction which led to the attack on his overweight wife, the doctor argues.

According to the medical practitioner, Mr Patel has a chance of getting proper treatments that’ll ensure a very low risk for a repeat of the offence, adding that the accused “will have to stop drinking and continue to take his medication” for this to be successful.

Patel’s attorney also argued that due to Patel’s Hindu culture, his wife and children would be “ostracized” if he were sentenced to prison.

The report confirms that two on Mr Patel’s cousins were present at the court, and testified that the man has been a loving husband. They said his recent violence was the first of its kind.

Judge Fairchild said: “The cultural part of it is very significant in this case,” adding that sentencing the man to prison would further complicate the issue for his family.

More than a dozen family members attended the court hearing, including his wife who wrote a letter to the court, asking that Mr Patel be kept on probation instead.

Meanwhile, the court says the suspect should remain in jail until a perfect probation plan is established to help prevent a repeat of the offence.

Addressing the family, Judge Fairchild said: “It’s going to take a community to make his sobriety stick,” Independent wrote.