Man Flushed Wife’s Head Down The Toilet.

Dempsey Nibbs should win the ‘Most Wicked Man On Earth Award’ before he starts his journey to a life behind bars.

The man has been handed a life sentence with a minimum of 21 years after the court found him guilty of murder. He killed his wife, decapitated her and flushed her head down the toilet.

The 69-year-old jealous husband is said to have attacked the mother-of-two at their flat in Hoxton, east London, on April 10, 2014. He gave her a deadly blow with an iron bar and knocked her out. Then he proceeded to beheading her and disposing the head in the toilet.

The wife was 60 years old as at the time of the crime.

Mrs. Judith Nibbs’ head was smashed with a mallet in order to reduce it to pieces before he was able to flush it in the toilet.

A smart police officer who was responding to a 999 call to the house was able to see Mrs. Nibbs’ headless body through the letterbox. The officer of the law then forcefully broke down the door before dispossessing the murderer of a shotgun and knife. Mr. Nibbs had attempted to commit suicide in the bathroom.

As is normal with most murder cases, Mr. Nibbs claimed he had acted in self defense.

The court trial revealed that Nibbs was angry with his wife who he suspected of seeing at least 8 other other men after their relationship fell apart. His wife was working with Meals on Wheels before her death.

The man made funny jokes with his defense by telling the court that he never meant to kill Mrs. Judith. He explained that he had only meant to “slap her around a bit” but had to cut off her head after she died.

He said that he became angry and had to cut off the head because she “betrayed” him by dying in the process of ‘love smacking’.

At the Old Bailey Recorder of London, Nicholas Hilliard QC who passed the judgement said he doubted Dempsey regretted the murder of his wife.

He said: “I’m sure you don’t regret your wife’s death save for its effect on your own comfort and well-being.”