Man falls into deep sleep while getting a haircut, wakes up in the hospital

A Chinese man successfully scared the hell out of his barber, unknowingly, when he went to get a haircut and almost died in the process.

Reports say that just after about two minutes into cutting the customer’s hair, he fell backwards, relaxing his head on the chair. He looked like he was dead with his mouth open but a check confirmed he was still breathing and, in fact, having sweet dreams in his sleep.

Things got worse when the barber in Shijiazhuang realized that his customer had fallen asleep but won’t just wake up. He had passed out.


Image shows the customer getting his hair cut.

In self defense, the worried barber called 110 (Police Emergency line in China) and two officers arrived immediately.

However, the law enforcement officers found it wasn’t a joke that the man couldn’t wake up. They tried all they could but to no avail. They also went further, patting him gently on the face and dabbing his forehead with a wet towel, but also with no success.

At a point, the sleeping man sounded out mooted cough and he could be heard snoring a bit. Good relief! Some laughed at the man because they thought he had taken one too many drinks, but they were wrong.

The police officers soon became concerned and called emergency services.

An ambulance arrived quickly and one of the doctors guessed that the man might have suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.


However, following a series of checks at the hospital, doctors discovered that there was nothing really wrong with the man — he was just asleep.

The man confirmed their diagnosis a few hours later when he woke up and confessed that he hadn’t slept for the past couple of days and had drunk some alcohol before going to get his hair cut.