Man drugged his dog and pulled off its ears with tools

A heartless man in Wrexham who fed his dog with cocaine so he could pull off its ears with pliers and scissors, has been arrested.

Man fed his dog cocaine then pulled its ears off with pliers

Image shows the animal abuser Christopher Griffiths.

Christopher Griffiths committed the deliberate act last September on his Staffordshire bull terrier named Victor.

For his cruelty against the animal, Chris has received a 24-week jail sentence, and banned from keeping animals for 10 years. He was also asked to pay a victim surcharge of £80.

The 35-year-old denied all charges against him in the law court but a trial by the RSPCA proved him guilty as charged.

However, Chris claimed the dog attacked him first. In his defense, the pet owner said Victor found out he had cocaine and refused to let him bring it into their home. Then there was a fight and his pet “knocked” him on the ground before he used pliers to remove his ears.


Image shows the abused dog named Victor.

Glen Murphy [the prosecutor] said officers went to Chris’ home after the “fight” and found a pool of blood at the scene.

Victor was taken to an emergency vet for treatments but he was very quiet and showed no signs of pain, probably due to the effect of cocaine. A test confirmed there was a significant amount of drugs in the dog’s urine.

(Picture: RSPCA)

District judge Gwyn Jones said, according to Metro: ‘It is clear this was a deliberate and planned operation which would have taken some time to exact.

‘No one will ever know how much pain Victor suffered. A considerable amount of force had to be used to cut the cartilage.

‘It is clear that you ignored the obvious pain Victor was in and it was planned because you drugged the dog in advance.

‘The injuries could have easily become infected had it not been for the intervention of the RSPCA and Victor could have come to further harm or even death.’

(Picture: RSPCA)

Image shows RSPCA inspector Kia Thomas with Victor after he was rescued.

Chris had two of his other dogs, Ned and Brandy, taken away and placed at a charity home.

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