heartbroken man commits suicide after catching wife in bed with another man

A South African man has committed suicide after catching his wife cheating on their matrimonial bed.


Image shows Shumba Tapiwa.

According to local media reports, the disappointed husband named Tapiwa Shumba is from Matambe, a location in Mwenezi.

The deceased had traveled to another city for work, and was scheduled to return the next day but plans changed. He went back home late at night only to find out there was another man in his hut.

Shumba knocked at the door and expected his wife to answer but she took too long.

The angry husband didn’t know someone was sleeping in his bed until he broke down their bedroom door. To his amazement, Zelas [as the cheating wife is popularly known around the area] was caught with pants down.

Unfortunately for the charming boyfriend, there wasn’t enough space on Shumba’s tiny window, so Mr. Handsome was “land-locked”.

According to South Africa’s B-Metro, Zelas’ lover boy who couldn’t face the shame of having an affair with a married woman, decided to hang himself right there in the bedroom.

The young man who has been drinking from Shumba’s cistern begged to die but was denied a chance.

Zela’s husband cut down the rope and allowed his “assistant husband” to escape, so she could confess if he hasn’t been firing from all cylinders as a capable husband.

A series of emotional questions were asked but Precious Shumba couldn’t answer any of those, so her aggrieved husband left the house, feeling life was so unfair to him.

The emotionally troubled Shumba hanged himself near the family house and was not discovered until the next day. His death prompted Precious to also commit suicide by hanging, the report said.

Fanny Matambe, Shumba’s father, said it was a shame that the couple had to end their lives. “There should have been a better solution,” he said.

“The family is shocked at why Tapiwa and his wife decided to take their lives.”

The couple’s children have been made orphans by their shameful acts while the lover boy is said to have disappeared from Mwenezi.