Malaysian man caught raping his 3-year-old niece

A 32-year-old rapist has been arrested in Malaysia after he tried forcing himself on his 3-year-old niece.

In the event which occurred on Wednesday, according to New Straits Times, police said a loud cry from the abused toddler attracted her mother to the man’s adjoining room at their family home in Sibu, Sarawak.

Malaysian rapist.jpg

“When she realized her daughter was in there, she tried to barge into the room but it was locked from the inside,” Sibu district police chief Assistant Commissioner Zailanni Amit said.

“The mother banged on his door several times and ordered him to open up, but he delayed for a while.

“When he finally unlocked the door a few minutes later, the sexual abuse victim ran out from the room immediately, crying of pains in her private part. At this time, the alleged rapist escaped from his home but was caught later at night.”

The police spokesperson added that the innocent child’s mother was shocked when she saw traces of blood around the girl’s vagina, and lodged a police report at the Sibu Central police station.

Following intelligence reports, Mr. Amit said police picked up the suspect at his house around 11 p.m.

During police interrogations, the alleged pedophile, a laborer, admitted to taking the victim into his room and attempting to rape her before she started crying for help, the police officer said.