Luis Enrique Calls The La Liga Title, An Honor Deserved.

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique has no doubts that winning the La Liga title would be an honor well deserved.

Image: Barcelona’s coach, Luis Enrique.

The coach believes Barcelona should win the trophy considering the length of time they’ve stayed on top of the league table as the competition enters its last week.

Arch rival Real Madrid is holding on to a point behind while Atletico Madrid is unfortunately, out of the race. The Camp Nou squad plays Granada for its last game and in another decisive game, Real Madrid clashes with Deportivo La Coruna.

Both Real and Barca are in high spirits with each hoping to win its game and praying the other loses. The Los Blancos 5-0 win over Espanyol shows the team has eye for the reputable crown.

“I thought it was a good game on our part. There are moments of maximum tension for all players and all teams. We’re managing it in the best possible way. I thought we had a complete game in attack and defence. I don’t remember a chance for the opponent and we had good moments. It’ll finish in Granada but for the days we’ve been leaders, we deserve it,” Enrique told reporters, according to AS.

“Is it good for Barca that Granada are safe? I’d change the question. Look at Levante-Atletico. A team who are relegated beat one of the best in Europe, in the world. There’s value in both versions. If there’s a surprise, you say it’s great to play without pressure. Otherwise, it’s normal. We can’t rely on anything. We’ll try to win and that’s it.

“We’re in the same situation as Madrid and that’s attractive to us and motivates us. We have to be prepared to suffer. Playing away from home is always a handicap and there are several aspects you can’t control. For the number of weeks we’ve been leaders we deserve it.

“If we don’t win the League I don’t care who does. Atletico had a beast of a season. They’re a great team with a great Coach. They’re in the Champions League and out of La Liga.”

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique has been honest in his choice of words, the La Liga title should be an honor granted to Barca inasmuch as the team have worked hard for it, do you agree?