Liz Truss plummets to new levels of unpopularity, Tories need uniting one-month after PM’s election

Liz Truss

Labour’s lead has continued to grow, according to the latest poll by Opinium for the Observer.

It now has a 21-point lead over the Conservatives. 

Opinium put Ms Truss’s personal approval rating at minus 47 – lower than any recorded for Boris Johnson – who reached his lowest of minus 44% during Partygate – and Theresa May – who reached minus 46% during the 2019 elections.

Meanwhile, Mr Kwarteng is at minus 51.

Keir Starmer’s approval rating remains unchanged since last week, with 38% approving and 29% disapproving.

It’s “pretty extraordinary” that four Cabinet ministers are already issuing a rallying cry to get behind the new prime minister, says political correspondent Rob Powell.

“It’s extraordinary after what is usually the big sort of party love-in of conference – of course, that didn’t quite work out that way for the Conservatives this year – and it’s pretty extraordinary that one month into a new premiership as well people are having to issue rallying calls to get behind the prime minister, and to essentially stop trying to pull down her policies. 

“And I think a warning being issued there by Nadhim Zahawi that actually, if you keep doing this, then that’s your job on the line in two years’ time.”

He says the move is an “attempt to reheat” some of the election tactics wages by David Cameron, by saying: “Look, if you vote for Labour you’re going to end up with Labour and the SNP in bed together.

“The problem with that, I think, is that the system has already ruled out any type of deal with the SNP and at the moment, the polls seem to suggest that if Labour won the next general election, they could well do it with a majority as well. 

“And Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, has been out this morning drawing his battle lines with the government.”