Liverpool will rise against Southampton – Jordan Henderson

In one of the Premier League’s greatest upturns, a lowly-rated Swansea City beat Liverpool 3-2 at Anfield on Saturday afternoon.

Jordan Henderson, 26, says Jurgen Klopp‘s team can choose to get motivation from the loss as they face Southampton in their upcoming EPL match.

The captain who also plays for England national team as a central midfielder says winning this season’s title or finishing among the top four depends on how they react to this disappointing result against the Welsh team.

Two wonderful goals from Roberto Firmino equalized for the Reds as Klopp’s men fired from all cylinders to gain victory during the last 20 minutes.

Liverpool were the better side at Anfield, especially after canceling two earlier goals from the Swans.

Unfortunately for Klopp and his team, a mesmerizing counter attack provided Gylfi Sigurdsson with a chance to destroy any hopes of victory from their hosts.

Swansea (#17) secured all three points from the game, denying Liverpool (#3) an opportunity to launch themselves in second place and closer to league leaders Chelsea.

Henderson said the nature of their loss and the circumstance was truly heartbreaking but added that they have a chance to mend bridges against Southampton on Wednesday.

He said “nobody knows” which team will lift the trophy until the season is over.

Speaking in an interview with BT Sport, the No. 14 said: “No-one knows that, we’ll find out at the end of the season.

“But it’s how you react after defeats, that’s how you can show character, show your spirit and show how good you are as a team in the game after. 

“The next game is very important for us, and we need to react in the right way.”

Henderson admits it’s still a surprise that they could lose a game to Swansea, having kept a clean sheet at Anfield for over a year. In his opinion, defeat is inevitable and must be accepted as a lesson in football.


The team captain insists that their morale has gained a boost since yesterday’s painful outing, adding that Liverpool are ready to stand against their opponents without flinching on Wednesday.

“One defeat doesn’t make you a bad team, we’ve still got a lot of confidence in the squad,” he argued.

“When we went 2-0 down you could see we still felt as though we could get back in it, which we did.

“But maybe we were pushing that bit too much for the third and we needed to be a bit more patient, [but we] got done on the counter.

“So, we’re very disappointed but the games come thick and fast and we need to be ready for the next one.

“We still feel very confident as a team, we’ve got brilliant players and we just need to keep going the way we have.

“[We need to] learn from today, because there were a lot of mistakes out there, and make sure the next game we put in a better performance and get a better result.”

Henderson refused to put blames on either their goalkeeper or the defenders for all three goals they conceded. He says a team is meant to be an entity whenever they win or lose games.

In his words: “I felt, as a team, at times we did [defend well] but at times we can defend a lot better.

“We need to make sure, especially when you get back in the game at 2-2, that first and foremost you defend and, with the quality we’ve got, you always fancy us to get another goal.”

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