LINKEDIN: The Job Seeker’s Secret Guide.

The Job Seeker’s Secret Guide to LinkedIn, a book written by Melanie Denny with Resume Evolution. It is a great read for job seekers who are looking for that added edge with the networking giant, LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can be an endless sea of networking opportunities, and this book puts you on the right track. In fact, LinkedIn has been called the Facebook for adults.

Did you know there are over 2 million companies that have a LinkedIn company page, not to mention that there are thousands and thousands of recruiters and hiring manager that utilize LinkedIn to search for candidates too?

Can you think of any other online location where there are that many professionals with the power to hire, all under one roof?

For job seekers, the most important reasons to use LinkedIn:  find job opportunities, market their skills, to network, and research companies.

Let’s just say that the more connections you have, the more you maximize your visibility. There have been rumblings over the years that a LinkedIn profile may some day replace the traditional resume.

That very well may be true, which makes this book an even more important find.

Where should you focus your energy while on LinkedIn?

Here are a few areas where The Job Seeker’s Secret Guide to LinkedIn helps you:

1. Attract the right contacts and maximize your efforts to improve your network

2. Identify the right keywords to put in your profile

3. Leverage the headline (plus, contains headline examples you can use for inspiration)

4. Add skills to your profile

5. Build a great summary (plus, includes examples of what many people should do to attract attention)

6. Pick the right picture to stand out, yet fit in

7. Link to online resume portfolios, blogs, and other online properties to increase your exposure

8. Make a lean URL to include within your resume, cover letter, and job-search correspondence

9. Build your network (plus, details easy-to-follow steps for building your network right from the start)

10. Attract and request recommendations — who to ask, what you should expect

11. Participate in LinkedIn groups and answers (plus, explains why you should utilize and the benefits of your

12. Update your status (plus, answers whether updates should be professional/personal)

13. Complete your profile to achieve 100% completeness and receive 40 times more opportunities

The Job Seeker’s Secret Guide to LinkedIn is easy to read, easy to use, easy to follow along, and easy to implement on your own, making your job search easier and more efficient.

Once you have followed the guidelines that are offered throughout this book, I’m sure you will see LinkedIn in a whole new light. You will be surprised to see how utilizing LinkedIn to its max will benefit you.