La Liga Isn’t Excited About Brexit.

Image: Javier Tebas

La Liga chief Javier Tebas admits he feels very sad and can’t be excited knowing what Brexit brings to the table for Spanish football. The chief adds that he will not necessarily benefit from the Premier League’s failure as the United Kingdom vote to withdraw from EU on Thursday.

Javier Tebas says the polls is threatening to change the landscape of English football forever.

The La Liga chief is worried considering that there are Spaniards exposed to risks in or out of UK.

There are players who’ll see their opportunities of playing in the Premier League greatly diminished, but Tebas is most disappointed with the potential loss of competition that’ll arise in football.

“I have a primary global vision and that is to wait and see what happens,” he told AS.

“We shouldn’t jump to conclusions because everything depends on the future model and relationships that the UK will have with the rest of Europe.

“Not at all [am I happy with Brexit], and I mean it. I insist that we must be cautious with these issues because it’s also not an immediate termination. It will take place over the [next few] years. 

“England can reach agreements as other countries that are not EU members have done, including Norway.

“It’s assumed that free movement would be lost, but we’ll see how everything pans out because [in England] football brings plenty of revenue and they’ll try to find solutions. But no, La Liga isn’t happy.

“We want to close the gap [on the PL], but I want a strong and fair industry and I’m glad no-one has gone wrong yet.

“The Premier League going wrong, hypothetically, doesn’t mean that La Liga will improve. That’s not how it works.

“I want competition, and the bigger the better. If not, our growth would be artificial. It would deceive us.

“The situation is worrying but not alarming. It remains to be seen how much the Premier are hurt.

“Anyone who thinks that Javier Tebas is happy about what has happened is wrong. We won’t grow just because others are poorer. That would be a mistake.

“La Liga grows with the more competition that there is. For now, we can’t do any more than make an assessment like this.”

Image: Javier Tebas