Kahn Says Cristiano Ronaldo Was ‘Boring’.

Former Bayern Munich goalkeeper Oliver Kahn has aired his opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘boring’ performance in Portugal’s Euro 2016 match against Iceland which ended with a draw.

Image: Cristiano Ronaldo in action for Portugal.

CR7 couldn’t score despite all efforts made in his debut and the former German player says Ronaldo was ‘overacting’ when he should have been humble as a great footballer.

Kahn was part of the German side which won the trophy in 1996. He is now known for his outspoken punditry on German television for ZDF. He spoke with Bild saying: “He [Cristiano Ronaldo] was quiet. With the role he played, he should have fought much more. 

“As a player like him gets older, he must realize that it’s boring for us to always see the same image, this overacting and protagonism.

“He scored the decisive penalty in the Champions League final. Naturally he tore off his shirt, but for someone who has won so much and is so well known, he should have held back and also show some thought to the [Atletico Madrid] players.

“That would make him really great. Instead, he always does things with fanfare, and it bores me.”

Image: Oliver Kahn now works for a German TV.

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