Jurgen Klopp shares thoughts on Real Madrid vs Liverpool

Liverpool fans around the world are still celebrating their victory over AS Roma while coach Jurgen Klopp plots his next move against current champions and finalists Real Madrid.

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Image: Jurgen Klopp

In his chat with the club website, Klopp first described his team’s Champions League clash with the Romans as “epic” before holding discussions on their remaining two Premier League games and the Kiev finals.

Apparently excited and lost for words, Klopp recalled how difficult it was to face Roma after suffering a 4-2 defeat in their first leg semi-final tie.

However, he admitted the thrilling encounter at Stadio Olimpico wouldn’t be possible without determination and sheer luck.

Liverpool will now face Madrid in the 2018 UEFA Champions League finals to be held in Kiev, Ukraine on 26 May.

Words from the Stuttgart-born football tactician and the joyous scenes from Liverpool’s celebrations after the match will never summarize the sensational events from a match which ended 5-2 in favor of the English team – not completely.

Looking at Liverpool’s two important Premier League matches before the Kiev finals, here’s what Klopp is thinking right now.

‘It’s not easy to start but I must do so with a big compliment for Roma,’ the former Borussia Dortmund coach said. ‘They did great! What a comeback! What a brave football!’

He continued, ‘I knew they would take the risk and they did. I’m happy we were able to punish them with the first goal in a perfect way. Sadly, we scored their first goal for them. It was an unlucky one and, of course, a bit slapstick. Totally dramatic.’


Klopp insists Roma were favorites ahead of the game and admitted it would have been crazy to play extra-time with the solid Italian team.


‘…Two times 15 minutes!’ The German coach exclaimed. ‘I have no idea what would have happened. That would have been total madness… It was 7-6 on aggregate, which sounds crazy because it is crazy.

‘It is also very interesting because we started this seasons Champions League as a qualifier and are now in the finals,’ Klopp added.

‘I’m excited for the players, club and supporters. It’s going to be a fantastic ride to Kiev just as it has been so far. That sounds crazy, too – but it’s the truth.’

However, the 2-time Bundesliga winner with Dortmund agrees Madrid are favorites for the Champions League trophy, citing quality, experience and togetherness as Los Blancos’ main weapons.

‘No team is more experienced that Madrid in the competition,’ he said.

‘About 80 percent of the team played CL finals about four times in the last five years, if I’m not mistaken, and they are still together. In this circumstance, experience shows they’re better placed for victory but we will make it even harder for them…We will spit fire more than anyone can ever imagine.’

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