Mob breaks a Police Cell and attacked a Paedophile who raped and killed a 4-year-old girl

An angry mob in Northen Bolivia took the law into their own hands after police arrested a heartless paedophile who raped and killed a 4-year-old girl.

The mob entering the police station to take the alleged rapist out

Image shows the mob in front of a police station.

Reports confirm the alleged paedo was arrested in Reyes after police officers found a missing girl’s body earlier this week.

With conclusive evidence pointing fingers at the suspect, the vengeful crowd gathered at his jail cell, pulled down the iron bars before dragging him out of the police station for jungle justice.

The man is taken through the streets to his doom

Image shows the rapist being dragged out of the police cell.

According to a media report, the restive mob meted out instant justice on the rapist immediately after he was abducted.

The paedo was beaten to a pulp and hanged on a tree.

The alleged paedo dead in the street with a crowd around him

The cops were outnumbered, so they did nothing but helplessly watched as the child rapist was lynched and hanged.

Media reports say the 4-year-old was not a local in the community. She was visiting with her parents for her grandmother’s funeral.

Nobody was arrested for the jungle justice.

However, prosecutors are using an online video of the incident to question locals as they carry out investigations into the murder.

Police chief Ivan Zambrana said: “The dead bodies, both the girl’s and the lynching victim’s, have been moved to Palos Blancos [near Bolivian capital La Paz], we are investigating the case.”