Judge approves dying request to freeze a child’s body

A cancer-stricken young girl who pleaded with a judge to let her body be frozen after death in order to see if a cure for her illness could be found in the future, can now Rest In Peace. She won the historic legal battle moments before her death, with the hope that she will be broght back to life someday.

Reports confirm that 14-year-old girl was terminally ill with a rare form of cancer.

Though her mother supported the idea of cryogenically preserving her body, the girl’s estranged father raised an objection. However, a judge ruled in favor of the mom and daughter.

The U.K. girl died last October and has been flown to the U.S. to meet her request.

How bodies could be frozen and preserved n the future

Image from BBC shows how such cyrogenically preserved bodies might look in the future.

The teenager who lived in London before her death, was said to have searched on the internet for “cyronics” in the last month of her life.

In her letter to the judge, she wrote: “I have been asked to explain why I want this unusual thing done.

“I am only 14 years old and I don’t want to die but I know I am going to die.

“I think being cryopreserved gives me a chance to be cured and woken up – even in hundreds of years’ time.

“I don’t want to be buried underground.

“I want to live and live longer and I think that in the future they may find a cure for my cancer and wake me up.

“I want to have this chance.

“This is my wish.”

According to a report from The Guardian, Mr Justice Peter Jackson [the court judge] visited her in hospital and admitted he was moved to tears on how courageous and optimistic the girl was.

“The valiant way in which she was facing her predicament” was touching.

Jackson wrote in his official statement: “I was moved by the valiant way in which she was facing her predicament.

“It is no surprise that this application is the only one of its kind to have come before the courts in this country, and probably anywhere else.

“It is an example of the new questions that science poses to the law, perhaps most of all to family law … No other parent has ever been put in [the] position [of JS’s father].”

The judge added that he wouldn’t want to right the wrongs of “cyronics”, saying he’s not concerned about how religion views this medical practice.

However, Jackson made it known that his major interest was to end the dispute between the girl’s mom and dad over how her body should be disposed.

The court heard her case for the first time on 26 September and a final judgement was passed on 6 October, BBC reported.

Cryonics is a visionary concept that holds out the promise of a second chance at life – with renewed health, vitality and youth.

Cryonics, a Greek word for “cold”, refers to the low-temperature preservation [reported to be around 196°C] of people who cannot be sustained by temporary medicine.

This “strange” form of medical practice gives hope that resuscitation is possible, and that restoration to full health may be possible in the far future.

While it seems impossible that human lives can be reversible with present technology, cryopreservation – as argued by cryonicists, has hope – hopes that improvements in medical practice will someday allow cryopreserved people to be revived.

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