Juanfran: I’ll take another Euro 2016 penalty for Spain with full confidence

Juanfran, the Atletico Madrid and Spain right-back who missed a penalty against Real Madrid in the Champions League Final on May 28 says he’s confident as ever. The famous footballer has confirmed he would take a penalty in a Euro 2016 Final shootout if the chance comes.

Image: Juanfran in Euro 2016 action for Spain.

Juanfran hit the post as Atletico lost to Real Madrid from 12 yards.

In his brieft discussion with AS, the Spanish player says he would step up again to take a penalty for his country if there’s need for it.

“I’d have no problem. If I had to take it and the Coach was telling me I had to take it, I’d take it with the maximum conviction and the thought that I have to score,” he insisted.

He then went ahead to discuss how badly he felt for the loss against Real Madrid.

“When things don’t go well for you or you make some mistakes it’s normal that you’re in a bad way, but that sadness can’t be long-lasting, as short as possible and in this case it was. I’ve had bad days but it has made me stronger at all levels.

“My feeling towards Atletico was already as strong as possible. I’m very grateful to the football world for the support they gave me and especially the Atletico fans who have suffered with me and given me their full support.”

Juanfran went further to include that contrary to what the press say about him and Sergio Ramos, both men are like brothers playing for Spain at one time and playing for rival clubs at other times. There’s professionalism in the game.

He says they’ve not had any issues while with the national team, despite the fierce battles they carried out for their respective clubs.

“It’s normal we had our little rift because everyone defends their own, but Sergio is a smart player and so am I and we know the national team is the most important and we have always had a good relationship,” he stressed.

“Our relationship is great. He’s one of our captains and I have a huge respect for him. The first day we went to eat he asked me ‘is everything settled?’ and I told him there was no problem. That shows our commitment to the national team.”

Image: Juanfran isn’t sad about losing Champions League Final anymore.