Juanfran Admits Spain Didn’t See Exit Coming At Euro 2016.

Juanfran Torres knows “truth hurts” but he had to admit that Spain never thought of leaving Euro 2016 at this time, following Monday’s 2-0 loss to Italy at Euro 2016 (Round of 16).

Image: Juanfran Torres

The painful loss to Italy breaks a historical period of 12 years during which Spain remained undefeated at a European Championship.

Spain’s unexpected exit from the tournament brings an end to their grip on the Henri Delaunay trophy, which is one reason Juanfran feels very bitter. The player says his disappointment is beyond words. He, nevertheless, urged fans to keep faith with the team.

“We’re frustrated by our elimination. There was a big commitment in the dressing room and we didn’t expect to be knocked out. It’s a sad dressing room and difficult times for us,” said the Atletico Madrid right-back.

“They were better than us in the first half. In the second half we improved. They took advantage of what they had in the first half, while we didn’t. It would’ve been fairer if we drew and went into extra time.

“[David] De Gea made many saves, but if we took some of the chances we had then everything would’ve changed. 

“We weren’t good enough with our marking [for Italy’s girst goal]. It was a ball that stayed [in the box] and we failed to clear it.

“Italy have a peculiar way of playing and always counter teams, so they always caused us problems. They knew how to play against us in the first half.

“These are times when the fans should support the selection. They mustn’t only support us when everything goes well.

“I think it must be made clear to the fans that we always want the best for the national team. Hopefully the national team are among the best next time.

“[On Vicente del Bosque remaining Spain’s coach after the Euro 2016 exit], it’s a decision which he will have to make with the federation.

“I can only say good things about him as our Coach, so we’ll support whatever he does and it’ll be fine.”