Juan Mata: My Family feared for my Manchester United Career with Jose Mourinho

Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata has revealed that his family trembled at Jose Mourinho’s announcement as the next manager at Old Trafford following Louis van Gaal’s exit. However, the player added that he had self confidence that only a fight would prove critics wrong.

Back in 2013, Mata, who was playing for Chelsea at that time, was sold to United by Mourinho after an allged fallout with the Portuguese tactician.

Nonetheless, the Spaniard reveals he harbored no fear at all after his nemesis was again, announced manager at Old Trafford.

Having experienced what it means for one to believe in himself, even when every other person is in doubt, the player was on ground to congratulate teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger on Monday.

The German football icon returned to first team action after a 2-month exile for an alleged altercation with The Special One.

Bastian was reportedly put on sale before the end of last summer’s transfer window but now he has another chance at football as a Red Devil.

For the first time since a reported hate between Mata and Mou spread like wildfire all the way from Chelsea to United, the 28-year-old Spain international footballer spoke at length with reporters.

In his words: “The manager didn’t sit down with me, no.”

Mata made the statements before United’s Europa League tie against Fenerbahce in Istanbul on Thursday.

Image: Juan Mata

He continues: “I do feel an important part of this team. Since I came to Manchester United, we had ups and downs but I always felt an important player under any manager, and I feel important now. But we didn’t have any conversations.

“It is difficult to control everything that goes out and your friends and family are ringing to know what is going on but I always told them the same thing – ‘Listen, I am the one that knows what is going on, and I know that nothing is going on’.

“When the manager came in, I was always thinking the same as I always have – I am going to give my best, I believe in myself and I think this can work out.

“It is a professional relationship [I have with Mourinho]. That is it. That is why, when so many things were said about was going to happen when the new manager arrive, in my mind I had it clear.”

Image shows Juan Mata celebrating after scoring for Manchester United.