Journalists who have been attacked by US Police during the riots

The wave of violence across the US has affected members of the media reporting during the events.

On 1 June, Sputnik journalist Nicole Roussell said she was fired at by police while covering protests in Washington, DC, despite identifying as being a member of the media. A stinger grenade left a couple of welts on her hip and thigh.

A day before that, the Russian Embassy in the United States sent a protest note to the US State Department after a Minneapolis police officer pepper-sprayed RIA Novosti reporter Mikhail Turgiyev in the face. Turgiyev was attacked along with a VICE Magazine crew after the protests ended and all journalists identified themselves as being members of the media without resisting the police.

On the same day, police in Minneapolis opened fire at a media team from the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle that was attempting to cover the ongoing protests in the northern city. Stefan Simons and a film crew were shot at by police on Sunday evening as they tried to report on an incident that saw a man drive a tanker truck into a crowd of thousands of people on a Minneapolis highway.

On 30 May, CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and an accompanying media team were arrested and later released by law enforcement officers while attempting to cover the riots.

The large-scale riots in the United States were triggered by the death of African-American man George Floyd in police custody in late May. Video footage of his detention, which has been circulating online, showed Floyd saying that he could not breathe as a police officer knelt on his neck for over eight minutes. A county examiner in the US state of Minnesota in a medical report ruled that Floyd’s death was a homicide.