Jose Mourinho: Talk is cheap

Jose Mourinho has admitted that people have rights to call him horrible names depending on their level of understanding and reasons for being spiteful.

Mourinho, who experienced tumultuous outings with Premier League giants Chelsea and Manchester United, said he understands why some of his players would call him a “bastard.”

The Portuguese attracted huge criticisms for speaking arrogantly, getting into fights (verbal and physical) with fellow coaches, and falling out with some key players in the teams—an attitude which his critics believe makes him the most hated coach in global football.

Mourinho holds no apologies for his desire to stay undefeated. He also recognizes the fact that this “greed” makes him a target of envy and unnecessary attacks.

‘This urge to win all the time makes me unbearable,’ the former Real Madrid coach said.

Unarguably one of the best coaches in global football since the 21st century, Mourinho has enjoyed a trophy-laden career. However, his recent disappointments in the EPL makes him a loser of some sort.

During Mourinho’s recent interview with DAZN, he admitted that recent events in his once-blossoming coaching career have tainted his image.

‘Some of the players I’ve coached would describe me as a bastard,’ he jokingly said when asked what his players’ candid opinion of his personality would be.

Mourinho added, ‘Clubs—big clubs—come for my signature because they know I have a winning mentality…In fact, I always ask my employers if their main objective is to win. We can only start negotiations after this is confirmed.

The 56-year-old said he is loaded with ideas, workable strategies and big dreams that—along the line—weighs him down.

‘It is common for me to get frustrated when these objectives are not met,’ Mourinho said.

‘I can be a terrible person when I’m losing matches…It gets worse when my players don’t share the same ambition with me.

‘Of course, I am a quality coach…I bring quality, experience, character and limitless goals as a coach. This is why they say I’m too emotional.

‘I don’t think much about what people say about me. It’s wrong for them to judge me they don’t even know me. What my unrepentant critics fail to understand is that Jose The Coach is domineering, intelligent, pragmatic and focused. It’s either everything or nothing for me.

‘To me, I love Jose as a person but it’s a shame that most people don’t see or feel things like I do…I forgive them for their ignorance,’ he added.

The Special One said he’s back in London but warned that the Premier League won’t be his next stop. The famous Portuguese coach isn’t expecting big deals in England.

‘My past records speak for themselves. They are a guarantee of my extraordinary abilities and future success—even my critics find it impossible to forget my contributions to the development of football.’

Mourinho continued, ‘It’s barely 18 months since I won my last trophy—the Europa League…It’s unbelievable that some people think its already over 18 years. My last final was about 8 months ago and—at this time—I’m focused, ready and preparing for the future.

‘The fact that I have no coaching contract at the moment doesn’t mean I’m hopeless. I’ve been an active coach for nearly 20 years…Sometimes, when things are going well, you don’t always have time to think where it could go wrong but after this break, everyday has been useful in many aspects of my life and career.’