Jose Mourinho Gets £15million Contract.

One man’s food is another man’s poison, agreed. Manchester United’s decision to give former Chelsea of England’s manager a contract has produced mixed feelings among many football fans around the world.

Jose Mourinho has successfully signed a pre-contract agreement with Manchester United.

El Pais claims that after signing this contract, Jose could rack up to £15million in compensation if Manchester United FC fails to officially appoint him as the manager come June 1.

Bedy Moratti leaving a lunch with Bedy Moratti and Massimo Moratti in Milan

This decision to give Mourinho a pre-contract agreement must have been a hard nut to crack considering suggestions from Manchester football fans and legends that Ryan Giggs should take the reigns of leadership.

Jose is without doubts a great manager who has seen it all as a coach but Giggs has been in the management team for quite a while. After growing from the ranks to the position of an assistant manager, it is believed that Giggs has a better understanding of the management and players.

Football is not only a game. It is more of politics now so it won’t be a surprise if a £15million-worth agreement with Jose is cancelled. Win or lose, Manchester United FC can’t let go of either.

Let’s hope that an accommodating plan or agreement that will favor both personalities will be on the table soon.

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