Jose Mourinho Brings Hope To Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho granted a first interview since his appointment as Manchester United’s manager, on Friday. He admitted his excitement for landing the job but what’s more important to him is the hope of better days ahead.

Mou’s leadership at the club brings trust, love and pride back to the once dreaded Red Devils.

‘The Special One’ said he loves the challenge attached to this managerial position in a historical club like Manchester United.

Of course, he has suffered humiliation from the media following regrettable incidents at Stamford Bridge. Losing his job at Chelsea since December and staying without contract for about five months brought so much speculations in the football world.

Fortunately for the famous tactician, he can now look back and raise “a finger” to his haters.

Mourinho isn’t looking for revenge against anyone, his focus is on building a formidable team that will compete favorably against opponents in any league or competitions.

In his words: “I think we can look at our club now in two perspectives. One perspective is the past three years and the other is the club history,” the new United boss told the club’s in-house TV station MUTV.

“I prefer to forget the past three years, I prefer to focus on the giant club I have in my hands now and I think what the fans are expecting me to say is that I want to win. I want to win. And more than that I need the supporters and players to feel that I say that, it’s not just for the sake of saying it.

“So, yes, I want to focus on the history of this giant club and give what I have and what I don’t have, so I will give absolutely everything to try and go in the direction we all want.”

There’s been rumors about Zlatan Ibrahimovic who was earlier reported to be processing a transfer to Old Trafford. Though the deal has been made public as “completed”.

Other reports say Brazil and Chelsea midfielder Willian has joined the long list of potential buys.

Jose Mourinho's Instagram post

Image: Instagram post from Jose Mourinho.

Good for Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s board are said to have handed him a huge transfer funds estimated at £200m ($292.4m) to help meet every need that may be necessary for landing his choice transfer targets. Hopefully, this step is all the coach needs to get these amazing Red Devils back to the top.