Joel Kinnaman And Cleo Wattenstrom Are Married.


“Suicide Squad” star Joel Kinnaman has tied the knot with Swedish tattoo artist, Cleo Wattenström.

The actor dropped the news of their nuptials during Tuesday’s appearance on “The Talk.”

The revelation came after Aisha Tyler who was the host asked: “Your girlfriend is actually a tattoo artist, so what does she think of it?”

He then corrected Tyler, “My wife … she was laughing at it. A lot of tattoo artists are not so precious about their tattoos. My wife, she’s got this, I call it ‘Mr. Baby.'”

It’s unknown when the couple, who have dated for two years, tied the knot. Apparently, the couple avoided publicity in their wedding – probably for good reasons.

Congratulations, Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenstrom!

Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenstrom dated for two years before making it official.