JK Rowling & Elton John Named The Most Charitable Celebrities.

Sir Elton John and JK Rowling have been revealed as the top two charitable celebrities.

A large number of kind-hearted celebrities and philanthropists gave a total of £1 million or more to charity last year. Sir Elton is said to have given nearly £27 million, much of which went to his AIDS Foundation founded in 1992 as confirmed by reports from Sunday Times Giving List.

Similarly, JK Rowling is said to have donated £10.3m through her own charity, the Lumos Foundation. Her charity outfit is aimed at closing down all child institutions and orphanages around the world. The Lumos Foundation places children in institutions with families.

She also channeled a part of her funds to the Volant Charitable Trust which means so much to her in the fight to alleviate social deprivation; and to support researches on a disease (multiple sclerosis) which her mother suffered from before her death.

JK Rowling & Elton John named top charitable celebrities

Other famous people on the A-list are Coldplay (£1.7m), and David Beckham (£5m) given to children’s charities.

The Sunday Times Giving List was topped by the Sainsbury family for the third year in a row. The family’s fame came from owning one of Britain’s second largest supermarket chain. They gave £220m in 2015 which was about 40% of their wealth.

Other stars who contributed in no small way Ringo Starr who gave £6m through an auction of the Beatles memorabilia.

Jamie Oliver was named seventh most generous celebrity in the poll. He donated £1.4m to his own charitable organisation and the chef apprentice programme he established in 2002.