Javier Tebas Says, ‘No Favors From Clubs’.

Javier Tebas assures every fan and club with interests in the 2015/2016 La Liga games that the football authority is paying close attention and will punish any attempt to buy, sell or grant favors – by other means.

Image: Javier Tebas speaking at a press conference in Spain.

His assurance is coming on the heels of Barcelona and Real Madrid having two decisive games left on their quest for the La Liga title.

The Spanish football authority wants to ensure that the deserving team wins, without any form of favor from opposing teams or match officials.

Favors from opponents especially in the upcoming match between Barca and Granada will not be acceptable, he informed.

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Image: Javier Tebas granting an interview with the press.

Historical records confirms that a few teams have, in the past, given and accepted bribes especially for a team that has nothing to play for in such final games.

There’s fear that this could be the situation at this time when Barcelona plays Granada, and Real Madrid fights for a win in its game but needing Jose Gonzalez’s side to win. The Los Blancos will have a great chance to clinch the trophy only if Barca is beaten by Granada.

“I don’t put any value in rumours. Madrid will comply with the rules and regulations, which do not allow incentives. We always have controls, for the integrity of football. We’ll look not only at Granada but all games, as we have done for the past two rounds, in which we’re more attentive than the rest of the season,” Tebas said, AS reports.

Image: Javier Tebas answers questions from the press.

When asked a question about Madrid’s win over Valencia, in a game which saw Rodrigo Moreno sent off for allegedly saying something to a match official, Tebas said: “I didn’t see the game, I can’t give an opinion. The red card? The players have to respect the officials. We’re working so they’re not insulted any more from the stands than on the pitch.”

“Almost three years into his presidency of Spain’s professional football league, LaLiga, Javier Tebas has already made his mark on Spanish football. Slashing club debts, expanding the league’s global reach and working on new ways of financing teams, Tebas’ time at the top is all about positioning LaLiga as the best football league in the world,” the Guardian commented on the man.

Javier Tebas has spoken, there’ll be no favors for any team on the road to La Liga’s most coveted title.

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