Japanese VCR Maker FUNAI Says The Company Is Ending Production.

Image shows a Japanese seller displaying electronic products.

Japanese electronics maker Funai Electric Co. says it will no longer produce video cassette recorders (VCR), adding that the company is rolling out the last of its products.

The company manufactures LCD TVs, DVD and Blu-ray disc players, computer printers, and other audiovisual gear. Its electronics are sold under six of its own and licensed brands, including Emerson, Funai, Magnavox, and Philips, and sold by major US retailers, including Wal-Mart and Sears.

An unnamed representative of the company who requested anonymity due to the company’s policy, confirms that “production will end sometime this month, although it declined to give a date, because key component makers are pulling out, due to shrinking demand for VCRs”, The Standard reported.

“The company had wanted to continue production to meet consumer requests, but is unable to.

“Many families and libraries have content stored in the VHS format. Such tapes can still be converted using VHS-DVD recorder-players made by other companies.”

The company was founded in 1951 as Funai Sewing Machines Co. by executive chairman Tetsuro Funaw.


Image: FUNAI Corporation West Coast Office in the USA.

Last year [2015] Funai made only 750,000 units of such devices that played or recorded cassette tapes.

In 2000, it had made 15 million of them, 70 percent for the U.S. market, according to the company.