Jan Oblak Says Atletico Madrid Will Be Second To None.

Ahead of the May 28 Champions League showdown between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, Jan Oblak has made his point saying Atleti will not take second place. The famous shot-stopper said playing in the CL final is worth nothing if the trophy can’t be won.

Image: Jan Oblak talks about Champions League final match between Atletico and Real Madrid.

Both teams will be handed a rematch of 2014’s Lisbon decider which Real Madrid won 4-1 after extra time. Whatever has been destined to happen on that day surely will, but Oblak says a runners-up medal is out of sight.

“We’re still a few days away and we’re all waiting,” the ball-catcher told Marca.

“I’m happy to participate [in the final], but it’s not enough to play in it. It must be won. I hope I’ll be happy when it’s over.

He continued, “I never make predictions before a match because you never know what will happen.

“When you enter the pitch, you see how things go, but at first it’s difficult. You can imagine one thing and then another happens.

“Derbies are always difficult, in the League, Champions League or wherever, and no-one knows how it will end. We’ll see on the 28th.

“[The ‘BBC’] are all great players, among the best in the world. We all know this, but we also have a strong team, with some of the best players around.

Image: Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper, Jan Oblak.

“I’ve already said that we’re not afraid of anyone. What’s true is that on the pitch, we always show what we’re about.

“Of course [I know what the CL means to Atleti], for [the fans], for me, for all the players, for the club… We know this and we’ll do everything possible to get what we want.

“When we play at home, it’s difficult for all of our rivals. A spectacular and very good atmosphere is created, also when we play away.

Image: Jan Oblak shows off jersey number.

“In the final, it’ll be the same and our fans will help us as they’ve always done.

“I hope [the fans] are proud of me. It’s always better that way, but that must be earned by doing things right on the pitch.

“This season may be good and the next not so much, but that’s football.”

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