James Matthews explains why Zelenskyy’s visit to the U.S. is highly symbolic

Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations


James Matthews, the United States correspondent for Sky News has described the long-awaited Biden-Zelenskyy meeting as a bold step in the war against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

There’s the symbolism, and more

Consider the images of a Ukrainian president with the freedom to travel, to address influential friends on Capitol Hill, and to shake hands on a deal for prolonged support and state-of-the-art weaponry.

It will be the picture to celebrate Ukrainian resilience and cement US backing. And for two presidents touching base, it’s timely.

Both will have noted the US lobby is against prolonging support for Ukraine.

Opinion polls indicate growing scepticism, articulated out loud by some figures in a Republican Party that will control the House of Representatives in the New Year.

This Biden-Zelenskyy meeting and the deal it seals pre-empts political complications that neither man wants.

Mr Biden’s big sell is in the long-term strategic benefit of a weakened Russia and a United States strengthened by leadership.

He is also invested in any future peace deal being done on terms favourable to the Ukrainian side, his side in this conflict.

When Mr Biden meets Mr Zelenskyy, they will talk big money for a high-stakes investment.

James Matthews