It’s Now Illegal To Use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 On Planes, FAA Warns.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners have been warned of an explosion risk which can occur if the phone is used aboard airplanes, the FAA warns.

The Federal Aviation Administration, under its jurisdiction, has therefore warned addictive Android smartphone users to desist from using their mobile phones on planes, or risk an avoidable blast.

According to a safety advisory issued by the FAA on Friday: “airlines and passengers that federal regulations prohibit transporting lithium-ion batteries that are defective or have been recalled”, CNET reported.

The safety guidelines also added: “Passengers must also protect the devices from accidental activation, including disabling any features that may turn on the device, such as alarm clocks, and must not pack them in checked luggage.”

CNET explained further that “the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has formally approved Samsung’s decision to recall all these phones [Samsung Galaxy Note 7],” adding that “it’s also formally illegal to use them on a plane”.

The instruction from FAA has now been transformed into a law, following last weeks statements which urged passengers not to use the phones on planes. So don’t feel surprised if you see a paggenger put under arrest while on board.

Samsung announced its voluntary recall as airlines begin a crackdown on die-hard Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users.

You may return, throw away your beloved Android or sell it, if there’s anyone ready to take the risk of holding a mobile bomb.

Whatever you do, the advice is, don’t risk lives by using the phone on board.

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