Israeli research lab claims it found cure for the coronavirus

As research labs across the world rush to develop vaccine against coronavirus, that the World Health Organization has “pandemic potential” and Israel research institute has claimed a breakthrough, according to the Israeli website Grapevine, which focuses on innovation in Israel.

Grapevine reported that the Migal Research Institute, based in northern Israel, held a press conference on Thursday to reveal that they have developed a coronavirus vaccine.

The findings are a culmination of four years multi-disciplinary research funded by Israel’s Ministry of Science and Technology in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture.

MIGAL has achieved the scientific breakthrough that will lead to the rapid creation of a vaccine against coronavirus, it claimed.

This possibility was identified as a by-product of MIGAL’s development of a vaccine against IBV (Infectious Bronchitis Virus), a disease affecting poultry, whose effectiveness has been proven in pre-clinical trials carried out at the Veterinary Institute.

MIGAL has now made required genetic adjustments to adapt the vaccine to COVID-19, the human strain of coronavirus, and is working to achieve the safety approvals that will enable in-vivo testing, enable the initiation of production of a vaccine to counter the coronavirus epidemic currently spreading throughout the world, which so far has claimed 2,666 lives.

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