Israel-Hamas War Update

Welcome back to our live coverage of the conflict, as al Shifa was branded “a death zone” by the World Health Organisation in a gruesome report after some of its staff managed to gain access despite yesterday’s confusion. 

Before we resume our live coverage, here is a recap of yesterday’s key events.

School deaths: A video showed dozens of bodies surrounded by blood on the floor of a UN-run school in Jabalia refugee camp. The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry accused Israel of striking the building and killing at least 50 people, as well as hitting a second school in Beit Lahiya. The IDF said it was looking into the reports.

“Unbearable, unjustifiable, deplorable”: The words used by the WHO’s director general after a team visited al Shifa hospital and found no electricity, food, water, or fuel to help treat patients – with babies among them.

Confusion over hospital evacuation: Many people left al Shifa hospital amid conflicting reports over whether they did so voluntarily. Israel Defence Forces categorically denied they had ordered an evacuation, saying they met a request by the director of the hospital to enable people to leave securely.

Hostages march: Thousands completed the final leg of a five-day march in Israel, among them the families of 50 hostages calling on Benjamin Netanyahu to consider a ceasefire deal or a prisoner exchange to free their relatives.

Pro-Palestinian protests: Demonstrations took place across the UK, with other protests in Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Germany, and Lebanon.

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