Israel-Hamas War: Man lost 21 family members in one airstrike

A man who lost 21 members of his family in one Israeli airstrike said he wouldn’t wish the way he is feeling on his worst enemy.

Ahmed Alnaouq, co-founder of We Are Not Numbers, a Palestinian non-profit project in Gaza, said three of his sisters, two of his brothers and 14 of his nieces and nephews died when their home was struck.

“It takes only one person to experience what I have experienced, to understand how I actually feel,” he told Sky News.

“I’ve said it and I will say it again, that what I am feeling, I don’t wish it for my worst enemy.”

Ahmed Alnaouq

Mr Alnaouq said it was 4am when he woke up “panicked”, believing something may have happened.

“I checked my phone and I received the news from one of my friends. They told me that Israel bombed my home, my family home, and that everyone who was there was murdered.”

He said he still has contact with one of his nieces in Gaza, who told him she hadn’t been able to eat for more than a week.

“This was the most painful call I ever had in my life. They told me they are scared, they’re lonely, they’re hungry, they’re thirsty. The situation we are experiencing in Gaza is a disastrous situation. A catastrophe.”

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