ISIL Treasurer Steals Cash, Assets, And Escapes With 3 Others.

The ISIL terrorist group seem to be tearing apart from the inside, as reports reveal its treasurer in the Iraqi city of Mosul has stolen all assets under his authority and escaped along with three of his assistants.
ISIL Treasurer in Mosul Steals All Assets, Escapes with 3 Assistants
Image: File Photo
“After the treasurer escaped along with three of his assistants with all assets, trophies and antiques, the ISIL security committee arrested the guards who protected the treasury office, and after interrogation, executed 6 of them for collaboration in the robbery and the four men’s escape,” FNA quotes a source as saying, on Sunday.

According to the news report, the terror group [ISIL] has owed its members’ salaries for over 6 months.

“…And they are in a state of panic and perplexity with strong disputes”, the source reveals.

Iraqi army troops, backed by fighters from allied Popular Mobilization Units, are seeking to win back militant-held regions in joint operations. They have managed to dislodge the militants from several areas in major offensives over the past few months.

Back in February, the Iraqi minister said that the country would launch a decisive battle to retake Mosul in the next few months.

Reports said earlier this week that the Iraqi army and popular forces continued their advance towards the Central parts of al-Qayara town as one of the most important ISIL bases in Southern Mosul.

As their latest achievement in Southern Mosul, the army purged the ISIL terrorists from al-Osajah village near Haj Ali town of Qayara region as the last ISIL base on the left side of Tigris river’s Eastern coasts.

“After liberation of Haj Ali town, we should have liberated other strategic villages too, including the Eastern Osajah and Western Osajah villages, and we succeeded to take full control of them within some hours,” General Emad al-Issawi said.