Is India responsible for the terrorist attack on Chinese embassy in Pakistan?

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Pakistani police say they are investigating whether a Baluch separatist commander suspected of orchestrating a suicide attack against the Chinese Consulate in Karachi is sheltering in India.

Pakistani security forces say they killed three suicide attackers trying to carry out the November 23 attack before they were able to enter the consulate building.

But two police and two Pakistani visa applicants were also killed in the violence, which was claimed by a Pakistan-based separatist militant group known as the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).

Pakistan’s government has called the attack a ‘conspiracy’ against the strategic cooperation between Islamabad and Beijing.

On November 24, Pakistani counter-terrorism police officer Umar Khitab said the attackers used a foreign-made C-4 plastic explosive and suggested that India was involved.

Khitab also suggested that India was involved, saying that the BLA was backed by ‘the ‘enemy country,’ a reference to India.

Khitab said the authorities believed Baluch separatist commander Aslam Achhu masterminded the attack and that he may now be in India.

Other Pakistani officials said on November 24 that four people who allegedly helped the attackers have been arrested in Karachi and other towns in Pakistan’s Sindh Province.

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