Iraq Shuts Down Internet To Stop Exam Malpractice.

The Iraqi government has reportedly cut off all fixed telephone lines and mobile broadband services as a way of curtailing examination malpractices today.

Image: Student using a mobile phone in class.

Students sitting for middle / high school exams are alleged to always smuggle mobile phones during state tests in order to have an undue advantage.

According to reports, the blockade was mandated by the Iraqi ministry of communication.

One Iraqi internet service provider (ISP), EarthLink, announced the 16 May blackout on its Facebook page. The company said: “As instructed by the Ministry of Communication, internet services will be cut off in all of Iraq during the time of exams from 5am until 8am for all companies across all provinces.”

The blackouts coincided with exams for secondary and high-school students and were implemented as the ultimate step in the country’s battle to stop students cheating using smuggled mobile phones and internet-connected devices in exam halls.

Although this step is the most effective is keeping exam malpractices in check, civil rights groups are campaigning against the government for such Draconian measures. What do you think?