Innocent Man Jailed for 23 Years.


Sometimes good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Some say that life is a bi*** – out of their personal experiences – yes. The man receiving a hug from his aged mom is from Hainan, China.

He was jailed for a goddamn 23 years only to be found innocent recently. 

The man’s life was turned into piss and shit due to an unreliable legal system.

Chen Man, 52, returned home from prison after a wrongful conviction and is now suing for 10,000,000 yuan compensation to cover his mental sufferings, health expenses and personal upkeep.

He was convicted of murder and arson far back in 1994. In the incident, a house he rented from a property management company was burnt down while an employee from the said company was inside.

The court said he is free to walk away since no evidence has been found against him.