If Donald Trump sues his sexual assault accusers, a U.S. Lawyer says this will happen

A few weeks before his election as the U.S. President-Elect, Donald J. Trump suffered a series of attacks from the media after his infamous audio tape was leaked. The politician was heard talking on air, and advising on how to “grab them [women] by their p***y”.

A few women stepped forward with testimonies, claiming that Mr Trump assaulted them at one point or the other.

Though critics believed those sexual assault allegations were false statements aimed at defaming the Republican representative, Trump claimed his accusers were on a paid mission to destroy his political ambition.

The 70-year-old threatened he would sue those women for what he referred to as “lies against him”.

Interestingly, now that the GOP nominee has won America’s residential election, there are speculations that he will no longer need to carry out his threat.

However, if he eventually decides to keep true to his words, a lawyer has briefed HollywoodLife.com on what such a scenario will bring.

Lisa Bloom, a U.S. attorney says she will fight for those women if Mr Trump ever files a lawsuit against them. And the lawyer says he won’t need her clients to pay a dime for the legal services.

“If he chooses to sue, I will aggressively represent any woman who came forward with a truthful claim of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump for free, and crowd fund our legal fees,” Hollywood Life quotes Lisa as saying.

The selfless lawyer went ahead with an explanation on how she will live up to the task.

In her words: “I will also exercise our right to take his deposition, those of his enablers, and subpoena his records.

“My clients are upset but strong. To all those sickened by this outcome I say: today we grieve, tomorrow we rise,” she added.

According to the female lawyer, Mr Trump’s win is a negative development for every American woman.

She also admitted being devastated, just like a large number of other Americans, since the Republican was announced winner of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

“This is a majot blow to feminism,” she laments. “We elected man whose most consistent life’s work was demeaning women, who bragged about sexual assault.”