I-Love-You: AS Roma inducts Francesco Totti into their Hall Of Fame

AS Roma released an official announcement today, saying they have inducted Francesco Totti into the club’s Hall of Fame with immediate effect.

The announcement takes Giallorossi’s list of nominated members to 28.

Totti, 40, played his last game as a substitute against Genoa on Sunday and at the end of that match he said a fear emotional words through a microphone.

The player who made 786 appearances and scored 307 goals for his hometown club, spoke with reporters in a post-match speech, saying: “Unfortunately the time has come. I’ve cried every day.

“It’s a decision I made with my wife and my family. I would stay here another 25 years. Thank you Roma.

“I would have liked to write a poem or a song but I’ve tried to express myself with my feet,” Totti added.

Talking about his career which football analysts had thought would end with another big club elsewhere, the captain said: “Excuse me if recently I haven’t talked much or cleared up my thoughts.

“I’m taking my shirt off for the last time and folding it up well and good. The lights are turning off now and I’m afraid. Allow me to have a little fear. Now I need your help.”


Class of 2012: Franco Tancredi, Marcos ‘Cafu’, Aldair Nascimento Santos, Francesco Rocca, Agostino Di Bartolomei, Fulvio Bernardini, Paulo Roberto Falcao, Bruno Conti, Amedeo Amadei, Roberto Pruzzo.

Class of 2013: Attilio Ferraris, Sebino Nela, Giuseppe Giannini, Vincenzo Montella.

Class of 2014: Alcides Ghiggia, Vincent Candela, Carlo Ancelotti, Rudi Voeller.

Class of 2015: Guido Masetti, Sergio Santarini, Damiano Tommasi, Gabriel Omar Batistuta.

Class of 2016: Giorgio Carpi, Arcadio Venturi, Giancarlo De Sisti, Toninho Cerezo.

Class of 2017: Francesco Totti.

The famous No. 10 is expected to join the club’s executives after retirement. His position has not been announced.