I divorced him because he’s acts like a woman – Egyptian Wife

A broken-hearted Egyptian woman has asked court to dissolve her marriage, citing her husband’s kindness as an unacceptable virtue.

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Image: File photo

The couple got married barely two weeks ago and the bride, a 28-year-old woman, says she can no longer accept her husband doing all the household chores.

Local media reports say the 31-year-old groom owns a booming clothing store and has employees working for him, so he opts to spend some quality time at home with his newlywed who, unfortunately, found the gesture to be a low-low for men.

Samar, as the woman is referred to, said: “My husband spends all of that time cleaning and rearranging furniture…I am tired and can no longer handle living with him.”

In her court statement, Samar said she hates to see Mohammad (her husband) act like a wife.

“I’m so bored of him,” she said. “Not only does he do all of the chores, he refuses to let me assist him… I eventually confronted him but he said that if I wanted to live in his house, I’ll have to follow his rules.”