“I can read a woman’s future by fondling her boobs,” fortune teller claims

You may have heard of death clock, palm reading, time travel, tarrot reading, staring at crystal balls, and other ways of future-reading. In case you don’t know, all these traditional ways are so 2016.

May I introduce to you a Chinese man who gracefully fondles women’s breasts to get a view into their future.


This fortune-teller made headlines around China after he was caught on camera doing his gentleman job. Critics call it “breast-reading” but he sees it differently, I guess.

Onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of his talented hands as he carefully examined a woman’s boobs for answers.

They claim he uses one hand at times, and pounces on some women with two hands – probably to get a good grip of their melons if they are well endowed.

Breast reading as a pathway into the future takes time just like the other traditional ways. But as seen in the viral video which was uploaded on Miaopai, his female client looked rather impatient while he rendered services.

The 8-second video clip aroused criticisms after it was uploaded to Weibo by Xiao Yuwen, a travel photographer in Yunnan, China.

“The video is too short, I want to learn this sacred art,” a commenter wrote on the popular Chinese website.

While some people argued that the man seem to be checking his client’s breasts for some cancerous breast lumps, others showed interest in the profession.

“I too am a master of breast reading,” a netizen wrote.

“Hey, I can do it too, D-cup will certainly have better luck than A-cup,” another unqualified fortune teller wrote.

How this skilled future reader renders services to male clients is yet to be revealed.