Husband died protecting his young Wife during fatal shooting

A protective and loving husband has died from gunshot wounds while shielding his newlywed from violent attackers.

It was their two-month wedding anniversary, reports confirm.

The groom Ashley Sauls just celebrated his birthday which coincided with the their wedding date last Tuesday. Unfortunately, he died barely eight hours afterwards.

Their marriage was consummated on 26 April this year.

His twin brother named Stan also died in a gruesome murder attack eight years ago. The murder victims had no child.

Image shows Ashley and Alicia Sauls.

Describing how the deceased spent his last hours on earth, family members told reporters that the couple had gone on a night out when they were attacked. He was found lying on top of her, holding and trying to shield her from gunshots.

Ashley had just received a card, a pair of socks and a photo frame as birthday gifts from his wife Alicia few hours before they died.

Their bodies were later discovered a few roads away in Parkwood Avenue, Parkwood, NY.

“To my darling husband Ashley,” Alicia wrote on the card. “Happy birthday my love, may you be blessed with many more joyful, loving and prosperous years to come. With all my love, from your wife.”

His wife Alicia, 27, was shot in the stomach while the man got a blast on the head.

Reports confirm four suspects were arrested shortly after police learnt of the murder.

Within four hours of the brutal murder, the alleged shooters aged between 25 and 30 were taken into custody, and will appear in court for trials soon.

Police said they found a 9mm Norinco Star firearm on the suspects.

“A double murder case was opened for investigation,” said Constable Carol Strauss, who confirmed the arrest.

“Sterling investigation led to the arrest of four suspects aged between 25 and 30 and the recovery of a 9mm Norinco Star firearm,” she added.

According to Elizabeth Hendricks, a 45-year-old mom to Alicia, the couple left home [Elizabeth’s apartment where she harbored them in Walmer Walk, Parkwood] around 2am on Wednesday morning.

“Alicia came into my room and said: ‘Mommy, I am coming now’,” she explains.

“I was half asleep. I don’t know where they were off to.

“A few minutes later, I heard gunshots and I called to Alicia’s cellphone and there was no answer. Then a resident came to my home to bring me the news, and I just knew.”

Before death came calling, Ashley was unemployed while his wife Alicia, a recovering drug addict, was going to begin nursing classes soon.