HuffPost sacks 39 Workers, including its only Pulitzer Winner

The Huffington Post wrote earlier in January that most companies which faced attacks from Donald Trump “were still firing workers,” and now it has laid off 39 persons, including one of its only Pulitzer Winner.

President Trump was of the opinion that American companies shouldn’t offshore jobs. Sadly, the trend has continued despite efforts from the 70-year-old business mogul.

A total of 39 journalists lost there jobs in the wake of Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo Inc.

Michael Calderone 

Michael Calderone, a media writer with HuffPost, confirmed that a senior military correspondent David Wood, who won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting, was among those downsized persons.

According to an official statement from WGAE, all employees affected by this “collectively-bargained severance package” will get their “two months’ salary plus a week of pay for each year of service and continued health benefits.”

The HuffPost isn’t the only company undergoing a business cycle retraction, but is sure to make sacrifices as part of the bigger picture.

About 2,100 jobs are on the line as Verizon takes over its existing AOL brands, including HuffPost, with its newly acquired Yahoo media assets.

Oath, the new subsidiary formed between Yahoo and AOL following Verizon’s $4.5 billion buyout of Yahoo, will lose more than 2,000 workers, the company’s next CEO Tim Armstrong told CNBC Wednesday morning.

Barely a week before his presidential inauguration, Mr. Trump said at a press conference: “The word is now out that when you want to move your plant to Mexico or some other place, and you want to fire all of your workers from Michigan and Ohio and all these places that I won ― for good reason ― it’s not going to happen that way anymore…”

Armstrong added that, “The layoffs are roughly 15 percent of the unit. This week is people week. We will focus on getting clarity about the job impacts.”

Image shows Joel Cruz, who joined other workers occupying the Republic Windows and Doors factory December 6, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. The workers, who received a three day’s notice that their factory was shutting down, are occupying the facility demanding severance and vacation pay they maintain they are owed.

39 HuffPost layoffs, per our union:

Earlier this year, a HuffPost report made reference to Brian Reed’s painful experience as a laid-off worker.

The disgruntled worker said he was on his way back from his daughter’s school last fall when he got a call from someone who turned out to be his union president. Reed received the most shocking news that their company would be closing its factory in Indianapolis and shipping their jobs to Mexico.

“It’s just devastating,” the 45-year-old said at an event in Indianapolis at that time.

“I hope everyone takes in consideration that the middle class is what keeps America going, and if they continue to eliminate us, it will be the richest versus the poorest and we’re all going to end up on the short end of the stick.”

An official statement released by the Writers Guild of America East [a rep for the website’s reporters], says “downsizing was part of a corporate-wide layoff in connection with Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo.”