How a Chinese Woman escaped Jail after tossing Coins in a Plane Engine for Luck

A superstitious Chinese woman who threw some coins into a South China aircraft engine just before it was due to take off, has escaped the law.

During that scary incident which occurred in Shanghai last week, she tossed a few coins in the engine with no intention of crashing the plane “except for luck.”

The CZ380 flight from Shanghai was delayed for about 6 hours.

Officials at Shanghai Pudong International Airport responded immediately and the suspect was taken in for questioning.

A total of 150 passengers were set to travel on the Guangzhou-bound flight before she appeared on the tarmac for her prayers.

The 80-year-old woman was reportedly boarding with other family members when she carried out the ritual, but was spotted by another passenger who raised alarm to attract security officials.

Beijing Youth Daily reported that she was traveling with her husband, daughter and son-in-law.

Police said the elderly woman had intended to deposit her coins elsewhere in the plane, but eight of them mistakenly landed inside the plane’s engine. She probably didn’t know which compartment it was.

An official statement from China Southern Airlines which was posted on the company’s social media page confirmed: “A senior passenger threw coins to the plane’s engine and delayed the flight. The passenger involved has been taken away by police.

“In order to make sure the flight is safe, China Southern maintenance has conducted a full exam of the plane’s engine.”

Qiu, the elderly woman’s surname, told police that she was praying for a safe flight. Her neighbor also confirmed she is a Buddhist.

However, a commenter on Sina Weibo (China’s most popular social media website) advised, “Grandma, this is not a wish fountain with turtles.”

A report from People’s Daily newspaper quoted the police as confirming that no legal action will be taken against the woman.

According to the news outlet, police said although she had broken the law and would have spent five days in jail, she is exempted because she is aged over 70.