How A Bus Conductor Killed One Toyota Camry Driver In Lagos (Graphic).

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? The answer to this question seems very simple but the truth about it is, it’s easier asked than answered.

If you are in doubt, take a look and this picture and let’s digress a little.

Ask yourself the last time you did a charity work. No, forgive me for asking the wrong question.

When was the last time you lost some money and smiled about it? Maybe, a long time ago. That’s OK if you don’t remember at all.

This sad story isn’t about giving, rather it’s about losing to the wicked members of our society. I heared you saying NEVER! Me, too.

Here, we are discussing “godliness” and “self-control”, including “wickedness” and “oppression” in Nigeria.

Gaining the whole world isn’t about making all the cash, of course, no one can. But there are little things we ignore in our everyday lives that’s worse than the “love of money” which is described as “the root of all evil”, according to the Bible.

In this case, the dead man wasn’t asking for money but was simply saying NO to wickedness and oppression before his life was snuffed out.

We aren’t judging this man in any way. He did no wrong at all. God bless his soul.

Though he’s dead and gone, there’s a lesson to be learnt from the events that preceded his death.

This man lying lifeless on one of Lagos roads, was killed by a bus conductor.

The deceased was neither a passenger in the bus nor a pedestrian. In fact he owned a flashy Toyota Camry which he was said to be driving before death called.

A reckless “danfo driver” bashed his ride and sped off, trying to avoid arrest or compensation. Then the Camry owner pursued, with desperation to square up in anger.

When the bus driver finally came to a halt, his thug assistant stepped out and engaged the car owner in a bloody fight.

One might want to lay blames on the deceased for trying to fight for his right. Gentlemen don’t fight in public, yeah, he knew that. But while going about his daily business, the “gentleman” didn’t ask for trouble.

Worse still, with the recent slide in Nigeria’s economy, you didn’t expect him to say “Thank You, Sir” after his car was bashed, and go home to spend a hard-earned money on the damage caused by an irresponsible bus driver.

However, if only he knew that revenge would end in his death, paying a few thousands of Naira for the repairs would have been a great idea.

Anyway, he rushed to give the bus driver a taste of his own medicine before the ruffian [bus conductor] challenged him to a fight on the road. No deadly weapon was used in the squabble.

All the same, this offended car owner was said to be gaining upper hand when an evil spirit fell upon his assailant. At that moment of madness, the bus conductor pushed him in the way of a speeding car. And the man was crushed to death.

There’s no doubt that godliness is a way of life for real Christians, but in a society where people live by causing harm to others, there may be no need for us to keep dreaming of an ideal society.

May God protect us all as we fight for our right to life.