Houthi Rebels call out Saudi Arabian government for telling lies

Iran-backed Houthi rebels fighting for supremacy in Yemen, have accused Saudi Arabia of fabricating evidence claiming Iran was behind drone attacks on two of its oil facilities on Saturday.

The BBC reports that Brig-Gen Yahya Sarea, a spokesperson for the rebels, said the damage to the two oil facilities were downplayed.

According to the British broadcaster, Sarea said the satellite imagery had been fabricated and the damage to the Saudi facilities had been downplayed.

He added that the Houthis were behind the attacks, going on to state that they could deploy a wide range of drones and missiles.

A spokesperson for the Saudi military, Colonel Turki Al-Malki, said wreckage from 18 unmanned area vehicles and seven cruise missiles indicate that the attack was from Iran.

He said, “Despite Iran’s best efforts to make it appear so, their collaboration with their proxy in the region to create this false narrative is clear.”

The United Nations is also expected to carry out a fact-finding visit to Saudi Arabia.

With the Saudi Arabia failing to state when their facilities, which pump up to 5.7m barrels of oil per day will come back into operation, the oil market remains in a state of uncertainty.

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