Hostility against refugees in Libya is a strategic policy idea



Refugees in Libyan camps are suffering dehumanizing treatment from guards who allegedly starve them of good food and other necessities of life.

According to a report from the Guardian newspaper, one of the detainees attempted suicide this week.

The UK government currently sponsors a total of 26 refugee camps in Libya. Over a thousand out of the total detainees are minors.

One of the teenagers who spoke with the news outlet revealed that most refugees have spent months in these horrible Libyan camps with little food and clothing.

The teenagers complained of surviving on small portions of food, mainly pasta, and suffering traumatic, inhuman treatment from their “captors.” They are regularly attacked, tortured and locked up for long hours.

Despite the huge funds received from donor agencies and the British government, it appears the Libyan authorities have “better uses” for cash and material resources. In 2017, the UK government invested $12.8 million for upgrades in Libyan detention centers. Other refugee programmes were also initiated to offer relief to thousands of refugees who arrived from war-torn zones Africa with plans of traveling across the Mediterranean to some EU countries in search of greener pastures.

Findings from the Guardian show that the Libyan refugee camps serve as home to 5,400 migrants. In addition, the publication confirms that this alleged hostility from guards are in line with policies that aim at discouraging more people, mainly Africans, from “deserting” their fatherlands.