Horror: Scary Caskets Float On Water After Deadly Flood Ravaged Louisiana.

In what appears to be a real American horror story, a number of coffins have floated on water–presumably from their graves–after a deadly flood ravaged Louisiana.

Eerie caskets float down the street near sate capital Baton Rouge

Image shows coffins floating on water after the floods.

Why won’t natural disasters just let the dead rest in peace? This is horrible.

Reports confirm the floods have killed not less than 5 persons and displaced about 20,000 who at this moment need to be rescued.

The images surfaced online with reports that U.S. President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency to save the situation.

Flooding has devastated large parts of the state, leading President Obama to declare a state of emergency

The Sun confirms in a report that the eerie caskets were floating down the street near state capital Baton Rouge, adding that a local resident Anna Johnson took the snaps in Denham Springs, near the devastated location.

She [the photographer] described the freak flooding as “worse than Hurricane Katrina”, the 2005 disaster that wreaked havoc in the state, particularly in New Orleans.

Nightmarish photograph shows caskets floating down a street in flood-hit Louisiana

As much as 11 inches of rain fell on Baton Rouge in just 24 hours this weekend, with 17 inches of rain reported in nearby Livingstone.

President Barack Obama yesterday announced Louisiana was in a state of emergency, freeing up relief money from Washington.

Jon Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, said that over 20,000 people had been rescued from disaster zones across the state.

At least 20,000 people have been rescued from disaster zones so far, Governor Jon Bell has said

Not less that 10,000 people have been resettled in emergency shelters since the floods began on Friday night, he said.

President Obama has declared a state of Emergency in Louisiana after freak flooding struck over the weekend

The worst-hit counties of Tangipahoa, St. Helena, East Baton Rouge and Livingston will be the first to receive federal assistance, according to the report.

However, Governor Edwards suggested more areas will be included.

He said: “I have traveled to affected areas and have seen the destruction caused by this unprecedented flooding.

“We are thankful for the federal government’s quick response to our request for an emergency declaration.

“This is an ongoing event, and we are confident that every available state and federal resource will be brought to bear.

“I fully expect that more parishes will be added to the declaration on a rolling basis.”


Louisiana flood

Meanwhile, funny things will never stop happening even in the midst of scary events.

A dramatic footage has emerged of a woman and her dog being rescued from a sinking car.

The heart-stopping clip shows two men desperately trying to save a woman from her sports car that was almost going down the water, in a badly hit part of Louisiana.

A red convertible sports car is seen sinking nose-first as three men on a small piece of floating wood desperately try to tear open the woman’s car roof.

Lousiana flood

One man, armed with a long rod, tries to smash open the car’s window before moving to rip open the soft-top roof.

As the car continues to sink, the man jumps on top of the vehicle in a desperate bid to free the woman.

Louisiana flood

He is seen clawing at the soft top roof to rip it open.

After a nail-biting few seconds the woman is dragged through the hole in her roof like a fish out of water, and she was seen gasping for air.

Yet, someone who just survived death by a whisker was heard screaming for her dog: “Get my dog! Get my dog now!”

How ungrateful. The woman appears to push her hero back underwater as if to say “you are not more valuable that the dog”, forgetting it was him who just saved her.

After she realized the grave error, the woman pretended to say: “Hang on, I’ll go down.” That’s a woman who couldn’t have saved herself or her dog.

The woman then cries 'get my dog!' after being brought to air

She then attempts to dive as the man, who appears to have his arm underwater searching for the pooch, says: “I can’t get the dog.”

A man behind the camera is then heard saying “maybe she’s gone”, to which the woman responds: “No, she better not be.”

Less than a second later the brave rescuer appears from underneath the water with the tiny white pooch in his arms.

Louisiana flood

He cries “I got her” before ordering the woman to swim back to safety on the boat.

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