Hong Kong citizens hold assembly in search of solutions to political violence

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents gathered Saturday afternoon at Tamar Park to attend an assembly on the theme of “Safeguarding Hong Kong,” calling for an end to the recent street violence.

An estimated 300,000 people from all over Hong Kong participated in the rally showing their support for the police, expressing their willingness to safeguard the rule of law and ensure prosperity and stability in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR).

The enthusiasm of attendees ran high against the backdrop of heavy showers. Pouring in from all over Hong Kong, placard in hand, groups and individuals chanted slogans to oppose protesters who earlier launched a series of violent attacks against Hong Kong police.

A fleet of around 12 fishing boats circled Victoria Harbor next to the rally with banners draped over the side of the vessels that read “Cherish Hong Kong, Stay Together,” showing their support for the rally in a way unique to fishermen.

Apart from the main venue in the Hong Kong Island, sub-venues in various districts of New Territories, Kowloon and outlying islands were also set up to welcome passersby to fully express their voices.

The “Safeguarding Hong Kong” series of activities mainly includes four parts.

The first part is “Say No to Violence, Support Hong Kong Police,” aimed at condemning attacks on police officers and expressing support for the police to continue maintaining order in Hong Kong society.

The second part is “Say No to Rift, Ensure Security and Stability,” criticizing the violent actions by protesters for destroying the facilities in the Legislative Council building. They also express the desire of the majority of Hong Kong residents to live and work in peace.

The third part is “Say No to Repercussion, Protect the Economy” with the hope to restore a good business environment soon.

The fourth part is “Safeguard Hong Kong, Cheer on all people,” calling on the general public to act on stopping the violence, while at the same time supporting the SAR government on enforcing the law and implementing measures to stabilize economy and improve people’s livelihood as soon as possible.