HIV: Kenya records highest infection rate of 48 youths per day



More than 300,000 young people aged 15-24 in Kenya are living with HIV with a daily infection of 48 youths, the National Aids Control Council said Wednesday.

According to local daily Star, the council’s director Nduku Kilonzo who made the announcement warned that “by the end of this day, we shall have 48 young people who would have been infected with HIV.”

She noted that infected young people were afraid of taking their drugs in the open due to stigma from fellow students and teachers, something which has worsened the situation.


In May 2016, the number of youths living with HIV was 238,987, indicating a worsening trend.

Young people contribute to 46 percent of new HIV infections among adults.

The National Aids Control Council encouraged young people to access HIV services which are offered free of charge and to shun stigma.